My new beautiful notebook bag from Abbi New York

Did you know there is a site that sells the most beautiful, fashionable, trendy, sporty or classic notebook bags?
Well, i did and i love it.

Some of you might know that i'v been working in computer store's for many years.
When i sold and/or helping a customer with a notebook, i always came to the point to talk about accessories for the notebook.
Such as a notebook bag and i've always been ashamed of the stupid, boring notebook bags they offered.

The standard ugly business notebook bag.

Most of the people bought it just so they had protection when they bring the notebook with them or didn't bought it at all.
Some people asked me if i didn't had a more pretty one, a colored one and i always had to say
"Sorry, i wished we had more variety in notebook bags"

Until one time i was on google searching for notebook bags and i found this site:

and to my surprise they offer such variety in notebook bags,
that i started to give the site to customers that didn't wanted to buy the standard ugly business bag! ;)

But what about me?!
Well, as a proud mommy of my new macbook pro (yes, it's my baby) i wanted to have a fashionable bag for it.
(even for my older macbook i desperately wanted to have a fashionable bag….i was one of those people who didn't want to buy the standard ugly notebook bag, i would be too ashamed to be seen with it)

This is the bag that i got:

Abbi New York Mina White.

It's fashionable, trendy and chic.

As you can see there hangs a little apple on it and when you turn it there's a little mirror. ^_^

The bag features a slim style briefcase with optional shoulder strap.
The inside is good enough to protect your notebook and it has additional files and folders.

In one word, it's perfect!

The bag even comes in it's own dust chic is that?!

My experience with Lataza is very good i must say,
other then that they offer such stylish bags for notebooks.

Fast delivery and you don't have to pay shipping costs, that's always a good thing. ^_^

So if you don't want your notebook to be transferred in an ugly standard notebook bag (like me),
i suggest you pay a visit to .

Psst...there is a sale going on at ^_^

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  1. Mooi! Ik moet ook eens een goede tas voor mijn macbook hebben...