Fogan Cosmetics GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Well you can!!
Fogan Cosmetics is giving 10x Lipgloss no:11 & 10x Eyeshadow palette No:04 away!
So 10 lucky people will win this set of 1 lipgloss and 1 eyeshadow palette.

All you have to do is win this great set from Fogan cosmetics is tweet this following sentence
"Great Cheap Fashionable make up available at"
and then re'tweet it to My twitter

After that i will randomly pick 10 winners ^_^ and announce it here on my website!


  1. Tot wanneer duurt de give away? :O

  2. oh haha vergeten bij te zetten...tot volgende week dinsdag

  3. Thanks for the giveaway, the colours look sooo pretty! I think I did it right. I also sent you a follow request, my twitter name is NatalieDouka too. :)

  4. You did alright natalie ^_^ Thanks for entering :-D