Capricci necklace + review

oeehh..wanna see what's in it??

Click to see...

When you open it, it looks so cute ^_^

Cute pink paper and the item in a little white bag.

Capricci is an online store that sells the most trendy and beautiful jewelry, watches, accessories, jewelry standards they also sell Disney Couture, bathrobes from Aegean Apparel and handbags from Mischa Barton.

Capricci offers a lot of products for nice prices.
All tho its a dutch store they also deliver to other country's, you just have to click on the english or italian flag on the website.

If you subscribe to their newsletter you can win a jewelry once a month.
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Stay tuned....contest of Capricci is coming up!


  1. super cute! i looked through the website and i saw a ring that i ABSOLUTELY love, but can't understand :/ does this site ship to the us?

  2. I think so yes, you can email them and ask.

  3. @ Clarissa,

    Yes, we have no problem shipping our products to the US! We are currently working on making paypal available for people outside the Netherlands, but if you'd like to order and pay through paypal just e-mail us.

    Morena (owner of