Some new things for my new room

I bought some new things for in my new room and i did some minor changes.

Click below if you want to read more and see more photo's.

Yesterday evening i bought these items (we went to a store that looks like ikea)

White server with glasses.

I only needed the white server...but my mom is happy with the glasses :P

A lantern.

2 simple white pillows.

I put some frame's on the fireplace and some old candle holders that my grandpa made in the past.

Sorry if some of the photo's turned out ugly, i was trying to make a vintage look with photoshop.


  1. Your photos are lovely!

    Erg mooi zeg :)

  2. Leuke spullen! En wauw die kettingen, pretty!

  3. Mooie spullen heb je erbij gekregen voor je kamer :D