Shopping Haul

Today my mother and i went out to buy some drinks.

We walked past the h&m and we couldn't resist to take a peek....
oh lord... i also couldn't resist to buy something :P

Click below to see what i bought this time...

I saw this blue coat at the sale, my size, only €15 euro.

Then i saw this pretty collage/school bag €15,-

I thought €15 euro on sale was kind of expensive, because it's not leather...
but then i thought i really needed this one, i love thos kinds of bags!!

Looks nice with the blue coat ^_^

If you see my outfit of the day photo's, you will notice a beige pants i wear sometimes...

I was searching for the black one in my size,

but every h&m had the black pants one size bigger >_< So i gave up the hope for finding the pants in black, until today ^_^ My mother saw it hanging in the sale €10,- (same prize as the beige one)

I'm very pleased (again) with my new stuff! ^_^

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