Shopping haul

I think you can guess what this blog post is going about?

Yep, that's right...another shopping haul :P
Clicky below...

H&M cammel cardigan €10,-

I really wanted this cardigan but it wasn't on sale yet, until i saw it today on sale ^_^

Dark Blue chic blouse from Only €5,-

At new yorker i saw the same pants that i bought yesterday in grey for the same price €4,95

Tiny purse €2,95 (new yorker)

I'm not sure how to call these shoes...vintage school shoes, jazz shoes, lace up shoes?
Anywho, when i first saw these kind of shoes i thought they were stupid...but then the more i saw them, the more i kinda liked them.
At new yorker they were on sale for €4,95. (they were €40 euro)

And at h&m i found this bird scarf?
I think it's sooooo CUTE and i'm going to use this as a scarf or maby a belt.

My mother bought also a lot of pretty things, maby i'm going to put here stuff one day in one post...because it's a lot :P


  1. Die schoenen zijn brogues! Echt super!

  2. super mooie aankopen!
    vind je blog ook erg tof,
    ben je gaan volgen =D

  3. Zoveel en zo goedkoop! lovelyyy

  4. @ Aniek: geweldig, dankjewel! ^_^

    @ Denise: Leuk :-D Dankjewel!

    @Avery: hahaha ja veel he?

  5. Nice haul, the camel cardigan looks good :D Have fun with your new things! :)

  6. Nice job! Good haul!