Shopping haul

Yaaaay another shopping haul ^_^
My mom and i went shopping what's new..haha..i'm kidding...we looooooveee to shop!

Click below (read more link) if you want to see what i bought!

At H&M i got this romantic/vintage lace shirt for €7,- on sale.

At Only i got these 2 cardigans (blue and brown).
They had a really good deal going on "buy 2 and get the 2nd for €1,-"
Together i paid €16,- for them...that means €8,- each ^_^

and the funny part is, that i saw these cardigans a few weeks ago online and thought they were so cute, but a little bit expensive (€35,-) and never saw them in the store until today on sale ^_^

At New Yorker i bought this harem (kinda) pants for €4,95

I can't photograph pants good on photo...i always try but then it always fails :P
They are really chic and pretty if you see them on.

Blue with brown belt from new yorker for €1,-
Brown/camel from vero moda i got these from my mom ^_^

At Vero Moda my mom got me this camel scarf :-D

At Six (jewelry shop) this vintage look a like ring for €1,-



  1. Nice things, I really like the cardigans! :-)

  2. Leuke aankopen! Ik kan bijna nooit dingen vinden in de sale.. Word veel te snel afgeleid door de nieuwe collectie!

    xx Cristi

  3. Dat vestje met hertjes heb ik ook in het blauw maar ik zie echt zoveel mensen met 'm lopen, not fun D:

    Leuke dingen!