Shopping Haul

My mom and i went shopping....AGAIN :P

Clickie on the READ MORE button below to see what i bought..

This is what i bought:

Nice grandpa thing i miss on this blazer, are the elbow patches!
It's scream's "ANOUK...I NEED ELBOW PATCHES...otherwise i am not a complete grandpa jacket"

..right..>_< i am going to sew some elbow patches on it. A Blouse

A Scarf

Necklaces + bracelet

I have a thing with old keys...i LOVE THEM..always have ^_^

"but Anouk, why do you bought 2 of the same necklaces, you ask?"
Well, they had a 3 for 1 deal, and i saw nothing else that i wanted as a third item.
I figured i could make a keychain out of one of the necklaces of something else.

Grandpa blazer: From Only €14,98
Blouse: From Only €10,48
Scarf: From pieces €5,-
The 2 necklaces and bracelet: From Pieces 3 for 1 deal €5,-
(for the 3 items together i paid €5,-)


  1. Ohhhh... Die sleutelsieraden, I need it! Zo tof, morgen maar even kijkje nemen bij Pieces!

  2. Oh, ik vind sleutels ook altijd zo gaaf! Het maakt je gelijk zo'n Keeper of Secrets :-) Nice haul!