I am changing my room...

When i moved back to my parents house, the attic (my old room) was filled with stuff from my parents and we did some stuff to make it more of a room.
At that time it didn't matter much to me how my room looked like, because i was so happy that i could life with my parents again.
So my room looked more like a walk in closet with a bed in it.

But the time past by and i missed having my own room, missed the feeling and the look,
we had so much stuff that it really wasn't possible.
I didn't complain, because i was still so thankful.

Last saturday i was cleaning up the christmas tree and cleaning my room and saw that i had some chipped of parts on my wall.
I thought i could tip these chipped off parts with some white paint and it all be good.
Little did i know that my wall turned out light yellowish in the last couple of years.
So there i was with my light yellowish wall with white spots on it...horrible.

I instantly moved all my furniture and stuff and started to paint my wall's white again,
wich lead to painting the ceiling and changing my whole room.

I didn't knew it was possible but i made it possible to make my room into more of a room and not a 'walk in closet with a bed in it'!

So that is what i have been doing these last couple of days.
Wich is funny, because i had no plan of changing my whole room, i only wanted to paint the chipped off parts on my wall.

I am still working on the last details, the photo's will be posted today or tomorrow.

Here is a sneak preview of how my ceiling looked like, and how my ceiling is right now.
This is the before photo:

Here is the after photo:

Nice ey?
Also i can tell you that i made my room into a little cottage (it really looks like one)

yaay i am so proud that i did it all on my own *happy proud dance*

Good start for the new year, that is how i feel ^_^

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  1. good idea! I'm excited to see the whole room!