H&M order

Another something something that i placed at (with, i dunno) my previous h&m order.

I had my eye on those shorts a few weeks ago and i ordered them then,
but send it back because i thought it was too expensive for a pair of shorts...but now it was on sale..so YAAY!

Shorts: €9,95
Pink chino pants: €14,96 (with h&m 25% off code)
Blouse: €5,95

I know i order a lot sometimes at h&m, but mostly half of it or all goes straight back to h&m.


  1. Nice clothes you order, I like the pants :-) Have fun with them in advance :D

  2. haha i knew what you meant :P
    thanks :-D
    I'm currious how the color of the pants is in real life, because the color's on the online shop are always different.