In almost 10 hours it will be 2012 here (netherlands) and i really don't care that much about it.
Feels like any other day.
I'm hearing all kinds of noises outside, those irritated "bomb" noises from fireworks...which i can hardly say it's fireworks...because all it does is makes big sounds"BOOM...knak..knak..knak...BOOM" no sparkly magic lights in the air.
Where's the fun in that? Our dogs are messed up right now, they are scared >_< of the firework noises, it's so sad to see. Hope there will be some pretty fireworks at midnight, so i can stare at it for a couple of seconds and then to my room :P

Oh well, here is my outfit of the day:

*someone flagged my look for deletion on don't know why...that someone must have hated my look or something :P*

I'm wearing my long hair clip ins, from again.
My selfmade dark blue chino's, new sweater and slippers hahahaa.

I'm feeling a bit down today, don't know why actually.

Oh and the plaid shorts and skirts from yesterday (h&m) are going back, i fitted them both this morning and the skirt is not flattering on me haha lol..i don't know..i don't like it on me.
The shorts i think look nice, but i dunno...i don't like them so much on me :/

Before i forget EVERYONE Have a happy newyear!! May all your wishes come true, have healthy and super good 2012!!

Well, i know for sure were i got my sale shopping addiction from....
My mom went to the h&m today (actually yesterday..but who's counting) and she got so exited there, she called me and asked if i were interested in very cheap sale discount chic black coat, plaid shorts, plaid skirt and blue scarf.
I was like "ehh...YEAH!"
So after my mom's little shopping spree she got home and she brought some amazing things for herself and for me ^_^

Chique black coat from sale price €20,- minus 20% for €16,-

Blue & red scarf (sort of the same as the red i got this week) Sale price €10,- minus 20% €8,-

Brown plaid shorts Sale price €10,- minus 20% €8,-

and a mid long skirt, the same fabric as the shorts.
(can't find the picture of it and camera's battery is charging)
Also €8,-


My mother got a really nice off white blazer with black neckline,

an off white spender
(can't find the picture of it)

and a beautiful dress

All items are from h&m.

Today my h&m order came in and i'm going to return all, except the red socks haha lol.

I like the socks a lot, the other stuff i didn't like at all, so i'm sending it back.
(denim skirt and the 2 blue hooded sweaters)

Yesterday my mom went to h&m and she came home with new scarfs and hand gloves ^_^
She also bought a scarf specially for me :-D
This one she gave me:

I like this one a lot, i already saw it but thought it was expensive but now it's on sale and my mother bought it for me :-D

These scarfs are really big and super warm (these are for the both of us, coz we share a lot)

My mom also bought these 3 hand gloves ^_^ (also for the both of us)
2 leather one's and 1 woolen one.

Really nice right?

Today my mom and i went to a mall nearby and i wasn't planning on buying something but then we were at a store and they had sweaters at the child department the one's i was in search for (college look) and they were very i could not resist.

Dark red sweater only €5,-

Got the same in the perfect color blue

A blue college look longsleeve.

This one has a great story behind it, it was on sale for only €3,- (omg, right) and then at the cash register it scanned the item for only €1,-...omg €1,- I was like really happy haha.

and a bordeoux thinner sweater (i lovvveee this color) €6,-

This one is a bit more expensive, but i really like the color so i bought it :P

The more i think about not spending any money on myself, the more i want to spent money on weird am i?
I guess it's ok, now the sale is going on and i only buy really cheap items.

Oke bye...back to work :P

*dutch article*

Ik weet niet wat jullie gaan doen met oud & nieuw, maar ik blijf zoals elk jaar lekker thuis met mams en paps, dit doen wij elk jaar en voelt gewoon fijn ^_^
Dit betekend natuurlijk niet dat ik er niet feestelijk uit wil zien, dat wil ik wel...:-D
Bij mij is de grote vraag altijd "what should i wear" wil er wel feestelijk uit zien, maar wil niet kou lijden.

Om nou niet geheel als een ijsklontje het nieuwe jaar in te gaan, leek mij het wel erg leuk om inplaats van standaard koude feestkleding inspiratie te laten zien, feestelijke schoenen inspiratie te laten zien.

High heels in dt geval, die er feestelijk uit zien en vrijwel bij alles te combineren valt.
Of je er nu een lekkere warme trui bij aantrekt of een topje.

Hier zijn mijn favorieten:

Zitten nette heels tussen en ook echt statement heels vind ik.
De skulls wedges bijvoorbeeld, hoe leuk en apart zijn die?

Terwijl ik dit artikel aan het maken ben, zit ik weer te kijken en kom ineens deze schoenen tegen van het merk Magrit

Owww...ik zie teveel leuks...

Mocht je wat leuks erbij zien voor je zelf, de damesschoenen zijn van en begin deze week is de uitverkoop begonnen, neem een kijkje want de kortingen lopen hoog op!

(sorry, maar ben een beetje verslaafd geworden om steeds even op spartoo te gaan kijken, ik kom steeds weer andere leuke dingen tegen)

Ow...i should not go shopping...because i got so proud of myself for not buying any clothes for a while..coz..i don't need them...and i really love to make my own clothes.
BUT..when sale is going on like.. EVERYWHERE...and you step into the h&m and they offer an extra 20% of the sale...i just can't resist at taking a look true the sale items.

I walked out of the h&m with these 3 items:

Warm woolen sweater sale price from €10,- now €8,-

From the children department this pretty blouse from €7,- now €5,60

Also from the children department a Beatles t-shirt...i just could resist from €7,- for €5,60

At the Vero Moda i saw this really nice color belt for only €2,50

3 small belts for €2,95 (my mother bought these, we share all our accessories together)

Here's my outfit of the day (i'm wearing my new blouse and hooded vest)

I guess it's ok what i bought today, but i can't help feeling a little bit disappointed in buying stuff for my own.
If it were for my mother, i would not had a problem with it...i'm in a "don't wanna spend money on myself period" but sometimes (like today) i'm weak for extra sale items :P
I also got this feeling last week when i bought stuff for myself...but it was really cheap so that makes it more ok, i guess haha lol! I dunno...i have a weakness for really cheap sale items.

At least i'm more different then years before (sale shopaholic), i really changed a lot this year so that makes it also ok. (i hope i stay that way, i really don't need more)

Look...i am trying to sooth myself :P

It's Christmas...yaaaay!!
Santa really did spoiled me this year, i've received really lovely gifts :-D

Minnie Mouse sweater

Bambi sweater

Michael Kors sweater cape :-D


I always wanted one of these ^_^ now i have it...and IT'S PINK (love)

Dior gift set, eyeshadow and mascara :-D
(i tried the mascara and I LIKE THE a bit flash eyelashes effect)

CUTE, Disney Princess suprisse chocolate eggs :-D

I also received eye cream for preventing wrinkles haha lol..yeah i'm old so i need it!

I'm extremely happy with the gifts i got, i love it all so much!! Thank you santa (lol)

Look what i got:
D&G watch it's sooooo PRETTTYYYYYYYYYY

Christmas outfit ^_^

I'm wearing my hair extensions from LienStyle
H&M deer sweater
Plaid blouse under the sweater, i thought it's from Only
Blue chino pants that i made myself
and my new loafers ^_^

Toby and i wish you a very merry christmas!