Pearl drops toothpaste review.

I bought this whitening toothpaste 2 weeks ago and it said that in 2 weeks your'e teeth would be a bit lighter and now the 2 weeks are over and i'f used it actively.

What's my experience about this product:
- it make's your'e teeth a bit lighter (but not a huge change)
- your'e teeth feel smooth and clean
- the product itself taste fresh
- the first couple of days my mouth and teeth were a bit sensitive after brushing.

Would i buy it again?
I don't know, maby i would try a different brand or something different.
For now i'm using the product until it's empty.

Overal i'm giving this a 7 because it does what it says,
it's makes your'e teeth a bit lighter but don't expect a huge change.
I guess this product would be perfects for people who have really white teeth and wanted to stay really white.

I hope this review was helpful.

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