Old Cottage

You know what i REALLY REALLY WANT?
I will tell and show you then.

Couple of days ago i wrote about that i wanted to live in england in an old cottage if i were rich.
I don't see me getting rich...like never...so that cottage dream is out of the question.
But why not turning my room into a nice old english cottage?

I already live on the attic, wich looks old,
but what really would make it more cozy and cottage like....
a fire place...not a real one, but one that looks real.

I made a simple thingie of my room and it's possible to place it there.

The tv spoiled it....wish i had a big room, so the tv would not been showed in the bedroom.

Ohh how i really would like to have a fake fire place ^_^


  1. I would love to live in an attic! I like your room, if you want to change it a little, try wall stickers. I think flowers'd go well with your theme. You could find a fireplace wall sticker too! And it won't need space since it's 2D. And white walls. Furniture is the difficult part but try painting white some old wooden chairs and tables you may find from grandparents or garage sales etc. The picture is so pretty, I'd love to live in there!

  2. thanks so much for the tips.

    The 3d program doesn't have the stuff that i have in my room so i had to improvise :P

    I also had that "i want to live there" when i saw that above picture.
    It's a nice picture ^_^ make's me dream about having it.