Merry Christmas....presents ^_^

Merry Christmas everybody!!

I'm having a merry christmas i spoiled my parents with presents and my parents spoiled me with presents.
We went to my grandma and in the old people's home they were all happy, that was nice to see.

On to my presents:

Hello Kitty badrope

Black coat

A quild ^_^

Chanel Change ^_^

A whole lot of fake eyelashes

Dior make up

3D mold's for acryl or gel nail art

Really small beads for nail art

Nail art stickers

Cuticle oil's


arm warm thingies ^_^

and i got this beautiful wig ^_^



  1. Wauw die pruik, echt zo'n perfect kapsel! Leuke dingen heb je gekregen zeg!

  2. Very pretty presents! Merry Christmas to you and your family!