I wanted to give an update about my life.
Sorry as i am typing this update it's kinda depressing and probably so not interesting to read :P

I deleted my hyves, twitter and livejournal account.
I didn't saw the point to have them, because i didn't do anything with it.

I think i had livejournal for almost 10 years now, twitter maby one year and hyves maby 6 years.

Last week i got an message on hyves from some dude that i don't know, saying that i'm cute and sexy....i was like wtf....delete message.
I think that was the point that i realize that a lot of people use these site's for meeting people or something like that, and i am not into that at all!!

From now on only blogspot for me. :-D

I got an email from the apple store that i had an job interview with and they didn't pick me :-(
They didn't wrote why, but i know why!
(can't say that here)
I kinda had my hope's on this job, because i love apple computers so much and love to sell them.
Oh well..

Tomorrow my mother and i are going shopping and i hope that will make me feel better,
these last couple of day's i have been so emotional.
So weird, i am so not the emotional type but i would like cry about everything o_O
I was watching free willy and from the beginning to the end i was crying....
seriously anouk..put yourself together :P

I feel like i seriously don't know what to do with my life...i'm stuck.
Kinda depressed or something.
One week goes well and then the other week i don't feel like doing anything.
I have got to say that it goes that way in my life for like the last 8 years or so.

Most people my age have goals in their life's, like getting married,having baby's maby an work career.
I don't have a goal, i don't want to get married, i don't even want a boyfriend and a career...in what?
The only experience i have is standing in a store and help people..wow what a great career you can make out of that....o_O
The only things i'm interested in are my hobby's that can't be made into a career.

So no big life goals for me at all.

Sorry for this weird post...
i had to get it of my chest.


  1. Sorry to hear that you are down. ((((HUGS)))!!!!!

  2. hope you feel better soon! shopping will help! :D XXXX ♥


  3. I'm sorry about the job! You are not the only one feeling down and wanting to do nothing and cry with little silly things, I do it too lately. Don't think "I'm stuck", think "I'm beginning something new and very interesting!". You are a hairdresser, right? And you love makeup and clothes. Why don't you try to find a job in these fields? Getting a makeup certificate maybe? Or a fashion design one? Or you can learn more about computers since you like them too. Don't apologize for the post, sometimes it's easier to say some things to strangers than friends, I feel this way too..

  4. @ Pammy: Thank you so much ^_^
    @ Esther: Also a big thank you :D
    @Nataliedouka: You are absolutely right about "it's a new beginning a new challenge"
    I will think about it, you give me great idea's thank you so much and thank you for your's super nice comment, i hope you also feel better soon.

    Thank you guys for the lovely comments. :-D
    make's me more happy already ^_^

  5. I came to your blog via Lookbook, saw this post and I know exactly what you mean by feeling "stuck." I've graduated from college, have a lot of interests, but still am unsure about what I would like to do. A lot of my friends seem to be the same way too. The most important thing is to do something that makes you happy. Like the quote says, "Love what you do, and you'll never work a day in your life."

  6. I love that quote, thanks for commenting that! ^_^

    I hope you get out of the stuckness you're in and find something that make's you happy, but i know it's hard.