You know what i REALLY REALLY WANT?
I will tell and show you then.

Couple of days ago i wrote about that i wanted to live in england in an old cottage if i were rich.
I don't see me getting that cottage dream is out of the question.
But why not turning my room into a nice old english cottage?

I already live on the attic, wich looks old,
but what really would make it more cozy and cottage like....
a fire place...not a real one, but one that looks real.

I made a simple thingie of my room and it's possible to place it there.

The tv spoiled it....wish i had a big room, so the tv would not been showed in the bedroom.

Ohh how i really would like to have a fake fire place ^_^

Lookie look my mom and i got at v&d christmas sale (-50%)
Victorian house and Court house and 2 figure's.

I also got these 2 christmas dear ornaments.

In a different store i bought 2 pillows that matches my new quild.

Nice ey?
My mother and i can't wait until it's next year christmas, so we can make our own christmas village. ^_^
I could not wait :P and made a small victorian town.

I got this gift from the people who asked me to take photo's of the christmas dancing party.
How nice is that? I didn't expect this at all.
They ask me every year to make photo's of the whole evening and i always do it for them as a favor.
So you can imagine how surprised and happy i am!

So nice of them.
It's a bath/shower set..I love taking baths ^_^

I'f been playing with the 3D nail art molds again
and today i painted them with nail polish.

I made a new banner for celebration that 2011 is coming up!
New year, good intentions for 2011, oliebollen (sorry don't know the word in english), champagne and having a great evening.

Yesterday i got some 3D nail art molds and beads, today i tried them out.

I don't have colored acryl yet, so i used white.
( i have to figure out how to color acryl or i can paint them with nail polish)
Aren't they CUTE?!

The bunny is really big, but on the mold there are 3 sizes, i used the biggest :P

outside all packed in ^_^

Merry Christmas everybody!!

I'm having a merry christmas i spoiled my parents with presents and my parents spoiled me with presents.
We went to my grandma and in the old people's home they were all happy, that was nice to see.

On to my presents:

Hello Kitty badrope

Black coat

A quild ^_^

Chanel Change ^_^

A whole lot of fake eyelashes

Dior make up

3D mold's for acryl or gel nail art

Really small beads for nail art

Nail art stickers

Cuticle oil's


arm warm thingies ^_^

and i got this beautiful wig ^_^