Things you don't know about me!

As i was browsing on the internet, i saw that Miss Lipgloss posted some "what you probably don't know about me tag" and i thought it was a fun idea to do that too!

Things you don't know about me:

- A couple of years ago i used to be such a nerd that the only interest i had was playing video games.

I played world of warcraft the most on my pc and build my own pc (buying lose hardware ect) i was such a nerd that i needed the highest hardware there was at the moment and that i had a see true pc case so i could see all the hardware and there were lights in it...purple and blue *shame*

- This is my bike:

I haven't used my bike in 2.5 years now :-( but i can't sell it just yet, because i think it's still so awesome :P

- 2 years ago i made my own sweet lolita dresses and other clothes and i was soooo into it, that i made my own collection of lolita dresses!

a pink dress

a dark blue dress

a black dress

an apron

Christmas dress

A light blue dress

A blouse i made.

I never worn these in public, only the christmas dress once at a christmas party :P
As i look back at the photo's i'm still kinda proud of what i made :-D

- i love hello kitty ^_^

- When i was younger i wanted to be a ballerina, but i never got to be :-(

- My mother is my best friend.

My mother and i can't live without each other.
We are with almost everything the same, we hang out, we shop together, we share the same interest's, love the same fashion style, we like the same tv shows/movies...we are almost the same.
That's why we connect so good with each other.
I love her!

- I have a doggie named 'Sir Tobias' aka 'Toby' he is a sheltie.

He is so cute, loves to sleep on his back, loves attention, loves to jump up and all the time and he's the kind of dog that don't likes to be alone.

- I love to create art in photoshop.

- My favourite drink is Red Bull.

- I am weird :P.

- In april it was my mother's birthday and i organized her a chanel birthday party.

If you want to read the whole story (in dutch) and see the photo's
It's a really long story with tooooo many photo's.

- Before i got a blogspot account i had an livejournal account for many years,
if you want to see that you have to be a member of livejournal because my account is 'friends only'
I did that for personal reason's!

- At my last job i made a normal red dolce gusto into a lady bird LOL.

- On my fathers birthday i gave him a ipad.

and gave him his own volkswagen/apple party :P (he's not really into the whole decoration's)

- My mother and i went to London last summer.
When we last went on vacation it was like 10 years ago with my father, mother and sister,
but my mother and i were talking the last couple of years of going together to london and we finally did and this is what we brought home...ahhaa...

We had so much fun, we are still talking about it, because for us it was such an adventure.
We went there for 3 day's and walked for hours and till we drop.
At the end of the whole trip my feet were like almost dead...but it was so worth it.

- When i was 15 i started to make website's and i really got into the pixel art making.

I did that for a couple of years and my website name was 'anouk-dollzz'.
But now i am to lazy to make my own website!

- I think men suck!!
I have worked the last 5 years or so in computer store's and only worked with men and they can be so mean, jealous, hard, nice to your'e face but talking trash behind your'e back.
They think there all that, but they were all losers!
(i'm just talking about the men i worked with)
It's a hard world for a woman out there.
I just don't trust them anymore.
Because of that i don't want a boyfriend for a very long time.
Maby someday if i meet the right men i maby would go out with him, but for now NO WAY!!

I guess that was kinda it...

p.s i really don't want to brag about what i bought for my mother's and father's birthday i work very hard and save money.
I love to spoil my parents, because when i was younger they did that to my sister and me.
I love them so much that i think they deserve it.

XoXo Noukster


  1. Cute idea for a blog post!!! You are so creative!!! Okay, so we have some silimarities!!! I too love Hello Kitty and wanted to be a ballerina from about the age of 5-15...ah, I still miss ballet! :) Your bike is awesome too! Loved reading more about you!

  2. Thank you so much!

    What do you want to know?

  3. I enjoyed reading this post so much! I like computer games too. You are so creative and so pretty in these dresses! Oh, you and your mum look like twins!

  4. aww thank you that's so sweet! ^_^