New Shoes

I bought some new wedges at New Look today and i love them so much,
i think they are so cute ^_^

As if i needed new shoes o_O

whaha lol...omg i have tooo many pair's of shoes...
but on the other hand...a girl can never have too much shoes in her life...
am i right or am i right?!

They are from New Look and they were on sale for €15,- only 3 pair's left
and yaaay for me they had them in my size...yaaay!

There was another girl and said how much she liked them and i think she wanted them too but they didn't had the same size anymore.
...aww poor girl..MUUUHAHAHAHAAAAAA...aww i don't mean that!
If it was me i would be sad too!

I am 1.77cm (5.9.7 inch) tall and i wear like almost everytime really high heels and makes me feel more womanly, chic and assured about myself.

How do you girls feel about high heels?

XoXo Noukster


  1. A girl can never have too much shoes in her life. So true! lol! They are so cute... And for only 15 euros? I'm jealous!

  2. lucky You 1m77 and long legs .. my dream -.-'. (i'm 1m62 lol ahahaha)