My make up palette's

Here is my collection of make up palette's.
(i have some more, but these are my biggest palette's)

88 matt, 88 warm, Claire's shimmer, Sleek 'storm', Elizabeth Arden & Pupa palette.

Elizabeth Arden

Pupa Christmas palette

I haven't tried the Elizabeth Arden and the Pupa palette's yet,
but the other's i really love, lot's of pigments and me likey!

...and here is were i keep my pretty make up stuff.
All from Dior ^_^

It's not all mine, it's from my mother and i together.
We like to collect the Dior year pieces and the once's we think are the most beautiful.
Maby if someone like's i can make a seperate blog entry with our Dior make up?


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  1. Thanks :-D The palettes look very nice! Awww, your Dior collection is amazing! I recognize some of them, they are limited edition, right?