A little update

Sorry that i haven't been updating these last few days.
I have been buzzy working downstairs, early christmas shopping and i had no inspiration for my blog at all. :-(

Tonight my father and i are going to the movies...yaay...
we are going to see 'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows'
My father asked me a couple of days ago if i wanted to go to Harry Potter with him and he never asked me.
So for the first time me and my dad going to the movies.
I like it!

The living room is finally starting to look like a living room and it's sooo pretty and different.
Because of the new floor the living room looks bigger and larger.
I can't wait when it's all done so i can post some photo's ^_^

Bye bye,

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  1. Maakt niet uit :D

    Ahh Harry Potter! Wij gaan ook nog eens. :D