Ebay orders

I bought some items from ebay and i am so excited!!

The stuff i bought all comes from hong kong, so probably i have to wait a few weeks before i got them.

First thing i bought i a super cute pink and white brush set.
I already got good brushes, i wanted a few more.

I also bought a false eyelashes apply thing with 10 false eyelashes, i'm so curious if it will work.

88 warm/nude palette.
I have an 88 eyeshadow palette with all kinds of colors and i use it mostly for playing around with make up and i also really wanted an 88 nude/warm color palette for daily use.

All things were very cheap, all under €10,-
Much much cheaper then in the Netherlands.

So yeah, i'm really happy and i can't wait when my stuff arrives.

Also i want to warn you guys about ebay and/or other online shopping.
When you search stuff on ebay:

- Please look good at the price and how much it cost to send the item.
(for example they offer a product really cheap, but the sending cost are very high)

- If you see a product you really want, search the product more, maby someone other will offer the product cheaper.

- If you place a bid, and someone out bids you, don't get all into the bidding too much, before you know it you are too high in price and one's you won it...you have to buy it.

My best and savest advice is...just do it with your'e mom, dad or an older person.
Don't create your'e own ebay account or paypall account, before you know it you will get hooked on the bidding or you will buy too much.

I did it together with my mom, because i know of myself that i would buy too much!!
Not that i have an history with ebay or something, but i really love to shop and shop online.

XoXo Noukster


  1. Great blog! I found you on essence beauty friends (I am on there too!). I love shopping on ebay for cosmetics! I, too, have been eyeing that pink makeup brush set! You must post how you like it as I wondered about the quality. So true also on the ebay bidding...I hate getting in a "bidding war" and then end up paying more than I intended...best to just let it pass...and find the item somewhere else!

  2. Hi there and welcome haha.
    Nice of you to post a comment ^_^

    i will do that, if the brushes come in i will write a review on it!

    haha bidding war!

  3. Hehe bidding war, my mum also gets way excited about that!

    Will you let us know how the lashes work out for you? I'm curious since I have little experience with lashes and when I do use them, I mess it up!

    Oh and I got another tip for everyone buying on ebay (maybe you want to add them to your list):
    Look at the reviews of this ebayer and see how 'safe' he or she is!
    It can save you a lot of money.

  4. Good good tip, thanks Sam!

    Offcourse i will do that ^_^
    i'm so curious if it actually works.

  5. I have never bought from ebay as I'm always worried about quality so I'm looking forward to your review! They all look so nice, I want them too!