A couple of more thing's you didn't know about me.

I guess i'm not quite done yet with the
'thing's you probably don't know about me thing'
so i will continue with some more :P

Here goes...

- When i was 23 and a half i moved out of my parents home and lived for 2 years on my own.
I thought at the moment that i was old enough and i wanted to be an independent woman
...little did i know that i wasn't ready for that at all.
In those 2 years i spend most of the time at my parents house, so i guess that i lived almost 1 year on my own.
In the beginning i thought is was the best decision i made, i had my own home, decide how i want to decorate it, cook for myself all those things...but then it gets normal.
I would come home from work, tired, no one to talk to, cooking dinner for one, maby do some house cleaning, ect.
I was very unhappy living on my own, scared and i missed my mom so much, that i would mostly packed a bag and go to my parents and stay there for a couple of days.
And how much i decorated the house, change things...i didn't felt like home to me...home was were i used to live. (my parents home)
My mom sometimes joked about when i was there 'you are here so much, why don't you move back home' at the time i didn't know that she wasn't joking, she missed me too.
So, long story short...i moved back home and it's been 1,5 year and i still don't regret about moving back home...this place feels like home.

- I have studied for hairdresser and i have an all round hairdresser's diploma.

- I once dyed my hair in the color 'magenta' (pink/purple) and i had that for 2 months,
but then i wanted to have more of a natural color and then i got bored with that and dyed my hair purple with pink highlights. LOL!

- and i once cut my hair so short that i looked like a boy >_<
- I still played with my Barbie doll's when i was 15 and then i said to myself...
'you are toooo old'

- I hate a girl i knew when i was child. I haven't spoken with her in ages, but i still hate her.

- When there is no one around and i am listing to music i always scream along
(i say scream, because i can't call it singing --> translate ---> i am horrible)

- Last week i had an job interview for working in a apple store.
I honestly can't say how it went, because i don't know if it went bad or good.
About 4 years ago i bought a macbook (mr Mac) and i never want to go back to windows.

- I had my first crush on Robbie Williams when i was 12 years old.
I was a huge fan of take that :P

I think that was kinda it, if i think of other things i want to share i will update.
XoXo Noukster


  1. I moved out of my parents house 5 years ago, when I was 18. I know what you mean, I don't like being alone for too long! But this year my sister moved in with me so I'll miss my loneliness! hihi! You don't work as a hairdresser now, right? I hope you get the apple job, sending good vibes your way!

  2. How nice that you live with you're sister now, sounds really fun ^_^

    Aww how sweet of you to send good vibes to me! ^_^
    Thank you!

  3. Hey i totaly understand what you went through.. i live alone for two years know and i feel so lonely, my family lives far away ( i'm french excuse my english ^^) and it is difficult.
    I'm happy for U that your back at your home it looks all sweet and cosy :). ad don't worry for life sometimes it's difficult (for a job and all) but i am sure that you will find something :).

  4. aww thank you very much! :)

    It's difficult indeed..i hope you are stronger than me and that you soon no longer feel lonely!

    Thanks for the nice comment! ^_^