Christmas presents and snow.

Hi there,

I have been shopping a lot for christmas presents for my mom and dad and i also bought a lot of presents and things to make a christmas packet for my parents.
So far i am done with the christmas packet, presents for my father and i still need a couple of more things for my mother...otherwise the amount of cash that i have spent for my father will be larger than for my mother and i want it to be even. ^_^

A couple of hours ago i finished packing the christmas packet for my parents and it looks like this.

It's filled with gifts for in the house and filled with snacks and other goodness and down under in the basket there are more presents, so it's stuffed :P
I wanted to give them a present when the living room ect is finished, and then i thought it would be fun to make there own christmas packet.
(i'm not really sure if the right word is Christmas packet, but in dutch i mean "kerstpakket")

oeehhh...i am SO excited to give them there presents and christmas packet...but i still have to wait until it's christmas eve...

I have been shopping and shopping and didn't buy anything for myself...yaaay o_O
I love giving presents ^_^

At our place it has been snowing and i am so excited about that, i love snow so much.

It's freezing cold, but it give's me a nice happy winter/christmas feeling.

Oh and before i forget...Harry Potter movie was AWESOMEEEEEE....:-D
It was very nice that if been to the movies with my dad! ^_^


  1. I'm jealous, in my country it's still warm! I liked the Harry Potter movie too, can't wait for the last one!

  2. What a cute gift basket for your parents! I am sure they will totally love that! I love gifts like that! :)