Brushes and false eyelash applicator

Today my other 2 items from ebay came in the mail :-D

I am sooo excited to post this blog about the products.

Pink/white brushes:
The brush set has 20 brushes and is mostly made from pony and goat hair.

I really love the color's of the brushes and i got to say the brushes are truly good quality,
but i got to try them more before i can really say that!

False eyelash applicator + 10 different false eyelashes:

The applicator 'it works like a charm' i tested it on my mother and i had no problems at all, no glue sticking on my fingers, no glue on my mothers face :P
All you have to do is put the eyelash into the applicator, put some glue on the lash, just let it dry for a couple of seconds, hold it were your'e own eyelash is and wait there for a couple of seconds, maby a minute and you're false eyelash is on it's place.
Very simple ^_^

I am going to make a tutorial soon to show how easy it works! ^_^

I got these 2 items from this ebay seller 09Chan

The brush set incl shipping cost: €10,78
The False eyelash applicator + 10 false eyelashes incl shipping cost: €6,10

I didn't expect that the items i ordered would be here so soon from Hong Kong,
i thought i will take a couple of weeks.

Me = Happy :-D


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  1. Thanks for sharing the ebay seller info! That is a pretty brush set! Cant wait to hear more about how you like it! :)