When i'm at home i don't like to dress up much, i like to walk in my pj's all day,
but it gets weird after a while to spend your'e whole day in your'e pj's.
It only depends on how my mood is, sometimes i really like to dress up and stay at home.

So i ordered me some adidas pants and a sweater.

I hope that i got the right sizes for me and now if i am at home i can relax and still look AWESOME...whaha...that's a joke, but i think that adidas suits/sweaters/pants are awesome.

I ordered 2 pants to see wich one i like the most.
If i only like the black/pink i will send the black/gold pants and sweater back,
but if i like the black/gold sweater and pants more then the black/pink then i only send the pink/black back.
I really hope that i like the black/gold on me, because i like the combination with the sweater so much and the store didn't have a black/pink sweater.



  1. Nice, I like the sweater! I wear "sports" clothes when I'm home too. You can always mix and match the pants with T-shirts or other brands shirts. I like Puma and Nike.

  2. that is so true.
    I'm keeping the black/gold pants and sweater and wearing them now haha..they are so comfty ^_^