Just some photo's of random outfits!

I look sooo young in this picture haha LOL

XoXo Noukster


  1. great outfits! very classy!
    but you look so tiny - your legs are really thin girl!

  2. thanks!
    I'm not tiny, i am very tall.
    1.77 cm
    5,74 feet
    68,88 inch
    (i dunno what my height is in english so i used a converter, lol)

    I know that they are thin, but i guess with hugh heels on they look much thinner!

  3. i mean high heels, lol

    but thanks for the comment about the outfits, it means a lot for me ^_^

  4. all right :)
    I think what I ment with tiny was more the thin thing dainty or petite is better ;)
    and it's a pity that there aren't much more people commenting your blog cuz it's really good!