China Glaze

yaaay i finally ordered some china glaze nail polishes.
I always thought they were a bit expensive, but now i thought..
o why not it makes me happy!

So i ordered these
- Awakening - Zombie Zest (this one is dark green'ish with sparkles)
- Rodeo Diva Collection – Prize Winning Mare (dark brown'ish also with a bit sparkles i think)
- Khrome Collection – Hi-Tec (gold)
- China Glaze Magic Matte (it's a clear nail polish, but it turns you're base color matt)

yaay can't wait when they arrive ^_^

Swatches will come when i have them!

oh and p.s....the last make up doll look (down below) scares the ^&** out of failure! LOL

XoXo Noukster


  1. i'm excited to see the nailpolishes! your make ups are always great!