China Glaze nail polishes

Yaaay today my order arrived from Enchantra
with 4 China Glaze nail polishes!

First of all i got to say that the package arrived within 2 workday's,
which is very fast and good service.
They also gave me a sample of konad cosmetic, but it's for men o_O...i'm no
That doesn't matter, i appreciate the effort that they gave me a sample.

Let's look at the nail polishes...shall we?!

I made a little collage with the swatches in halloween style :P.

I really love the colors but i honestly got to say that i thought the Hi-Tech color was more of an gold color.
That doesn't matter because i really like this color too!

I havent tried the 'matte magic' yet, because i didn't have anymore free nails on the nail wheel thing.

Well, i'm off playing with my new nail polishes!
XoXo Noukster

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