pfjew...i have been working on this for a couple of hours and now i am finally done!

I made a stop motion video clip of catrice nail polihes.

I am proud to announce the winner of the Mac Villains items!

I want to thank everyone who entered my contest and also thank you all for leaving such nice comments.
Make's me wish i had more mac items and give them all to you.

Stay tuned i will be hosting more contests!

edit: 2 nov 2010
contacted with sandra and the mac items are on the way!
Xoxo Noukster

Yesterday i received my china glaze nail polishes and i was so enthusiastic about them,
that i decided to order some more *teehee*.

I have ordered these:

- Metallics Collection - Platinum Gold
- Kaleidoscope - It's My Turn
- Vintage Vixen - Classic Camel
- Vintage Vixen - Goin’ My Way
- Something Blue - For Audrey
- Rodeo Diva Collection – Yee Haw
- Specialty Collection – Bad Kitty
- Wizard of Ooh Ahz Returns – Good Witch?
two of those nail wheel thing's! I dunno what they called.

I can't wait, i love the china glaze color' i finally know why most people are so hyper about china glaze! ^_^

XoXo Noukster
I made some cat eyes..meooww....

I honestly thought i wasn't able to do such tight lines by my eyes,
but i did sow i gave myself a pad on my shoulder!

XoXo Noukster

Yaaay today my order arrived from Enchantra
with 4 China Glaze nail polishes!

First of all i got to say that the package arrived within 2 workday's,
which is very fast and good service.
They also gave me a sample of konad cosmetic, but it's for men o_O...i'm no
That doesn't matter, i appreciate the effort that they gave me a sample.

Let's look at the nail polishes...shall we?!

I made a little collage with the swatches in halloween style :P.

I really love the colors but i honestly got to say that i thought the Hi-Tech color was more of an gold color.
That doesn't matter because i really like this color too!

I havent tried the 'matte magic' yet, because i didn't have anymore free nails on the nail wheel thing.

Well, i'm off playing with my new nail polishes!
XoXo Noukster

I thought the previous "fairy of the fall" didn't had much to do with the fall,
so i made me into a 'better' version of a fairy of the fall.

Does anyone have an idea for me what i should do next?

XoXo Noukster

Last week i saw on beauty site's that Maybeline started an other make up line
'MNY' it's much much cheaper and it made me curious.

To my surprise they have so many beautiful colors and they even had chopsticks with a bit of sparkle and lightly color in it
....and i really like chopsticks instead of lipsticks.

So i am really happy that they have that!

This is what i bought!

2 chopsticks and 2 nail polishes.

I also made a swatch of the nail polishes.
(don't mind the pink on the sides of the nail on the right, the previous nail color would not come of easy)

Pretty ey?

XoXo Noukster

Well, here is you're change to win these items.
(say whaaat)

But what must i do to win these items??

If you want to win these items here are the rules:

- You must be my follower (if you don't have a blogger account i suggest you make one)

- If you have a blog and or website (doesn't matter were) you have to put my link on it!

- If you done all the above things, place a comment with a catchy text that stands out!
Example: "I really really REAAALLYYYYYY need to win these items"
I dunno you figure out what you want to write! ^_^

Simple right?

This contest will end on 31 oktober, that means ONE WEEK!!
The winner will be picked randomly.

If you have any questions you can comment below and i will answer them ASAP!

Stay tuned and please visit my blog more often, more will come.
XoXo Noukster

Here are some pictures of my nail art trials of the last couple of months.

XoXo Noukster

yaaay i finally ordered some china glaze nail polishes.
I always thought they were a bit expensive, but now i thought..
o why not it makes me happy!

So i ordered these
- Awakening - Zombie Zest (this one is dark green'ish with sparkles)
- Rodeo Diva Collection – Prize Winning Mare (dark brown'ish also with a bit sparkles i think)
- Khrome Collection – Hi-Tec (gold)
- China Glaze Magic Matte (it's a clear nail polish, but it turns you're base color matt)

yaay can't wait when they arrive ^_^

Swatches will come when i have them!

oh and p.s....the last make up doll look (down below) scares the ^&** out of failure! LOL

XoXo Noukster

I dunno, i suck! :-(

XoXo Noukster

More halloween make up photo's ^_^

Doll make up look

Almost dead/zombie make up look

XoXo Noukster

I was playing with my make up and i came up with some halloween looks.

Fairy of the Fall.


Wicked Witch or just and evil lady :P

XoXo Noukster

I'm entering a contest on Lime Crime make up

The deal is to copy or make your own creation from this look

if you win you get a goody bag from lime crime's make up...i really really want to win ^_^

This is my entry for the contest.
I didn't want to really copy the look, so i worked with some darker colors.

here are some other photo's of my look.

and one with a very orange wig haha lol

XoXo Noukster

Today my order at alicejohavesentials arived and i ordert these 2 items:

Sleek 'storm' make up palette

and a special effects barry m nailpolish

Look how awesome the effects is!
Cracked black nail polish ^_^

XoXo Noukster