What is in my purse?

The most important things i bring when i am not working are these items:

- My wallet
- Pasport
- Lipbalm
- phone
- sigaret's (smoking is bad..yo)

But when i am at work or gone for longer than a couple of hours i bring all of these items with me:

My little make up bag:

- Chanel eyeshadow
- Foundation & sponge
- eye pencil

Bigger bag with all kinds of crap:

- Chanel mademoiselle perfume
- Nail things (clips, scissor ect)
- Bandaids
- Gum
- Pen
- Woman things :p
- Keys (put in cute hello kitty thingie)

but where is the bag???

I don't have one standard bag, i change my bag every day
...thats why i put my things organised in little bag's/purses...:P

What do you mean i love bags/purses?!! :P

XoXo Noukster

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