My Wishlist :-P

Here is my wish list

Chanel bag:
I got my mom a classic chanel bag 2.55 gold hardware for her birthday (last april),
because i think she's more worthy than me!
(and i love her so much that it didn't matter to me how much it cost)
But one day maby i will have one on my own...not sure about that...but hey can't blame a girl from dreaming?!

Lady Dior bag:
Do i need to say more? It's soooo prettyyyyyyy!! One day i WILL own this bag...i know's much much cheaper than a chanel classic bag.
So i am saving!

Fuzzy Nation doggy bag:
It's way too cute, i really don't need this item and i will still life if i don't have one...but how cute would it be if i have one?
On the other hand...a chanel and dior bag...those i need :P

Christian Louboutin Barbie heels pack: least it't not for dolls have to have fashionable shoes too you know!

Christian Louboutin heels:
I also need to have fashionable shoes...not just the dolls...i need them 2! ^_^

Uggs Baley Button triple:
Men, i also really need these...they are so comfty and so warm inside...i need these for the cold winters...or els my feet wil freeze off!!

I don't think i will buy al of these items! It's waaaay to expensive...
But maby one day i will walk around in my christian louboutin heels with a lady dior bag in one hand, chanel 2.55 in the other hand while buying a fuzzy nation dog!


XoXo Noukster

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