Make over

The last few days my mother and i went to the ikea for some inspiration for our living room.
We are going to change the whole living room black/white ^_^
Chanel are going back to what we had like 10/11 years ago, but more modern! i was walking true the ikea i had some seriously inspiration for my parents bedroom.
So i asked my mom about some colors in her bedroom and she loved it...
I sad i am going to walk true the ikea you can't see what i am doing.
I bought all kinds of stuff to give my parents bedroom a make-over...not really a huge make-over,
but more like dressing up the room.

Here is the before photo:

I think there was nothing wrong with the bedroom, but it was very plain...


What do you think??

My mother is very happy with the end result, my father did not see it yet...he's working late!

I bought:
3 pillow's
1 pillow case medium brown
2 pillow cases beige
2 picture frames (one is smaller then the other)
3 big candles and they smell soooo good vanille and apple with cinnamon (it's smells soooo good)
4 little candles with the sam smells (i dunno if that's a correct word)
1 tiny white basket
1 darker brown blanket for over the bed end
and a new bathrope for my father so it matches the room :P
(my mother already had a light blue one)


I only think i need to make some better photo's..the photo's are not showing how the room really is...oh well...

11 sept
I made some new photo's!

XoXo Noukster