I have the cutest Uggs ever ^_^

I have bought the sweetest uggs look a likes ever ^_^

They are actually childeren uggs, but i saw my size and i thought they were tooooo cute and needed to buy them for myself ^_^

And i bought some pants, hood, grandpa socks and a top ^_^

The tittle on the hood is true...i really want to go to paris one day! ^_^

Hello kitty uggs €9,50 (v&d)
Paris Hoody €9,- (1982 store)
Pants €15,- (1982 store)
Top €5,- (1982 store)
3 pairs of grandpa socks LOL €3,- (1982 store)

XoXo Noukster

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  1. really like that hoodie! :)