h&m is stupid

I placed an order at the h&m online store with a camel winter coat and today my order arrived.
As i ripped the package open (because i was to excited about the coat) i was surprised to see that there was no camel winter coat in the package!


No h&m did the stupidest thing ever....there was an really ugly dress in the package that i did not order, but on the plastic bag over there was written "camel coat..and then the number"
so, the plastic bag over it was correct, but what was in the plastic bag not.

So i stil don't have my camel winter coat...

I called h&m and told them the problem and they said that i needed to send it back and order the coat again o_O
yeah...like i didn't thought of that myself...but i thought maby they do that for me..but nope!

Oh well...

p.s the rest of the order is going back..i didn't like one thing that was in it o_O

XoXo Noukster

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