New Items 

A blog post about a few new items i got that i wanted to share.

Last week i bought this amazing leather biker jacket, awesome boots and a pretty awesome new bag ^_^
I bought a new Michael Kors purse and i am SUPER HAPPY with it.

People who know me a little know that my love for Primark is huge :P
so today my mother and i went shopping.

I bought some basic sweaters, nothing special but i am very happy with it.
Off white hoodie vest, off white sweater, grey sweater and a nerdy Star Wars sweater.
Because i am a nerd :)

Biker Jacket, Wigs and Lego.

I made a BJD biker jacket yesterday ^_^

I really like working with this type of faux leather fabric. 
My mother bought this fabric a couple of weeks ago and since then i have gotten lots of inspiration of what to do with it ^_^
Also this jacket is for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Last week i went to a hobby / lego / dolls / miniatures festival convention type of thing,
it was lovely, but very small.
I thought it would be much bigger :/ 
That doesn't mean it wasn't nice, it was nice because i bought some doll wigs that fits some of my ball jointed dolls.

Look how cute Molly looks with her little curls ^_^

There were also a few stands that you could buy lego, i bought one minifigure of the new serie (serie14) that i really wanted.
(the cheerleader zombie)

This is my current Lego halloween set up :)

I like it ^_^

Taiga Aisaka 

Yaaay i finale finished my Taiga Aisaka cosplay set for my doll ^_^
(i also put the set for sale in my Etsy shop)

Last week i started on making the clothing set and yesterday i had the time to finish the last piece (the blouse)
I am very happy with the result, i think it looks close enough to Taiga Aisaka ^_^

Lego 40122 Trick or Treat

Here is the Halloween Lego set that i got for my birthday ^_^

New Anime sheep hoodie

I have made a cute sheep hoodie a few days ago and today i finally had the time to shoot some photo's ^_^

I just ....look how cute she is!!??
She is my newest doll. A Smart doll created by Danny Choo.
She arrived last week and i haven't been able to "play" with her so much yet. 
Expect more photo's of her cute face soon :P

The sheep hoodie is available in my Etsy shop.
(click on the picture below to go to my Etsy shop)

Hello once again :)

Just a little update of what is going on in life right now or in the future :P

I ordered a Nendoroid yesterday ^_^ from Japan.
It's Link from the Zelda game :)

Tiny action figures are so cute, once the cute Link arrives it will be my third nendoroid figure.
I already have 2 girl figures Yoshino and Taiga Aisaka. (they are so cute) and i want the whole K-on nendoroid serie, but the figures from K-on are quit expensive.
(maby some day haha)

Once little link arrives i will post a review or just some photo's of him.

Tomorrow it's my birthday ^_^ Not really excited about it...many years i never have been excited about it.
I wish i were excited about it just like in the old days when i were a child, i just could not sleep days before my birthday and got super excited. >_<
Such a shame once we get older we don't get so excited anymore :( but at least i have my memories about it...which is nice ^_^

That's it for now :)

I am BACK!

..sort off  :)
It has been ages since my late proper blog post, isn't it?!
(excuse me for that)

I miss blogging a bit, sometimes i just need to blog about things...but not all the time.
Things about my dolls/ other hobby's, things about personal life, things about whatever.

When i posted daily blogs i loved it, but at a certain point it felt like i HAD to post when i wasn't feeling like it (or just plain uninspired) and i know myself...when i feel like something must be done...i don't like it or i don't want to.

So, instead of daily posts, i will be blogging whenever i feel like it :P
(very selfish i know) or maby i just need to get the 'hang' of blogging again a bit more...that could also be a possibility :P

Anywho, i'm back...sort know...yarrr.. :/

A-dolly creations etsy 

My etsy store ^_^
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