Japan FunboxJapanese Candy Box -Japan Funbox

The company Japan Funbox contacted me and asked me if i would try out their product,
don't mind if i do :)
I love testing out products ^_^

Here we goooOOOoOooOoo!!!! 

Let me first explain what Japan Funbox is.
Japan Funbox is a monthly subscribe box filled with Japanese snacks and candy.
Every month they select all kinds of different candy and / or snacks and send it to the ones that are subscribed.
You can choose from a variety of candy box sizes.
They will carefully pack each and every candy by hand, and ship it to your home directly from Japan.
Sounds awesome right?

Free shipping WorldWide Starting at $14.99/month

They send me a mini box with the following:
- Pizza Chips
- Fries Chips
- Strawberry Chocolate's
- Whistle Candy (you can whistle on them)
- Crackle Candy (cracks in you're mouth)
- Anime Bubblegum of the anime series One Piece.

They send it to me on the 23th of June and on the 28th of June i received the box, that is really fast!

Thank you so much Japan Funbox for sending me this package filled with goodies, i will make sure my family and myself will enjoy this ^_^

March Doki Doki Crate

Oh my oh my....how kawaii!

The March Doki Doki crate arrived today by Japan Crate.

What is an Doki Doki? How does it work?
The Cutest Monthly Kawaii Subscription Box ♥ 

How does it work?
JOIN Doki Doki


Doki Doki Crate ARRIVES!

 ♥ lets see what's inside the box shall we?! 

It's a sushi themed set :)

Food picks, sauce holders

Re-ment keychain and re-ment candy

 Keychains and pens


Sushi food boxes and holders and notebook.

It is really cute, but honestly i don't like sushi at all >_<

.......altho i don't like sushi it really looks cute :) 

My new Kicks!

My new kicks arrived yesterday ^_^
I ordered me some new sneakers the basic Adidas Superstars white with black stripes on sunday evening and they arrived yesterday.

My mother said last week, i want you to buy something nice from me to you ^_^ and suddenly she transferred some money on my bank account and i was like...OH noes...that is too much but sooooo sweet of her.
Then i ask if i should buy these adidas that i wanted for some time and she said YES YOU SHOULD.
haha, so i did ^_^

Now i am extremely happy with them, not only did i get the shoes that i wanted for some time, i also gotten them as a super lovely gift from my mom :)

That is just too sweet of her ^_^

Since the new year had started i have been buying a lot of presents for my mother and putting them away for her birthday in april. Until now i have collected a lot of presents for her haha LOL
She knows this, because i am always too excited and say that i bought something for her.
(and more to come)

I must say i have been in a emotional mood lately and constantly saying to my mom how much i love her, because i really love her so much.
That i just stop and think... i really love my mother so much, i must say it more often to her.
(she likes that)

Bijenkorf Fashion show

Today my mother and i went to our first fashion show.
It was really nice, but the clothes were not that interested, it was very colorful and very all over the place, lots of mix and match and i honestly do not like that at all.
It was like children were playing dress up with some of the outfits that were shown.
BUT the whole experience of a fashion show was really nice...makes me hunger for more fashion shows haha. *dreaming of a chanel fashion show*

The only nice thing i saw were these denim dungarees :P (i like dungaree's) I have 3 of them haha.

Here is Anouk Smulders, she was one of the models. I also liked her outfit.

We all got a Goodie bag:

- Chocolate 
- Valentino for women
- Valentino for men
- A scarf
- and a vogue magazine .